Career Counseling

Career Counseling

You are at the helm of your career.

It is you yourself who needs to step up to shape and mold your career in your desired way. You need to take the initiatives, and it is only you needs to take the lead!

In today’s job market and entrepreneurial landscape, there is no room for being another face in the crowd. Candidates have to separate oneself from the competition. They have to be more appealing to their target audience and they can achieve it by creating a recognizable personal brand.

Jobs Dynamics believes that people are the only brand an organization can have to create a competitive advantage. Our team of professionals is committed to develop brand of graduates/post-graduates who can become an asset to the company. We work closely with our clients to build partnerships. This enables us to know their expectations and communicate those to candidates. Our senior trainers and facilitators have significant experience in helping graduates find and build their brands. This has given us a thorough knowledge of the business and an understanding about the challenges faced by graduates/post-graduates seeking to build their brand.


Equips students to know the area of their expertise (Job Seeker or Entrepreneur) and build a career path for the smooth career ahead.

  • Building your authentic brand
  • Introspecting your skills


Injecting the professionalism with the extent as per the need of the market with the personal branding and online and offline branding coverage.

  • Cover letter and resume for professionals
  • Developing video resumes
  • Blogs, Leveraging Social Media, Networking


Developing the skills with respect to handling any type of interview (Exit, Stress, Panel etc).

  • Mock Stress and panel interview
  • Dealing with situational dilemmas
  • Interview taking skills
  • Job and academic mock-interview.