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Training & Development

Training & Development

At JD, we strongly believe in ‘investing in people’. Thus we provide training and development on all the staffing function services provided by our firm. We have experienced trainers who train new hires and make them ready to take responsibilities from day one at the job.

With proper acquisition of knowledge, skills, experience and competencies, JD does unswerving support to every candidate in improving one's capability, capacity, and performance through training from the experts of the related field as and when required.

JD understands that training is not a one-time investment that companies make on their staffs. Thus, we also offer periodic training service in order to make staffs competitive and productive to focus on organization’s core competencies.


Delivery of Workshop

Our workshop tools include case studies, numerical and quantitative analysis, current national and global scenario, management games and notes. The workshop utilizes effective knowledge transfer methods, not being limited to one-way teaching-learning methodology that draws upon the traditional mode and media of training. Interactive participation, role-plays, group design work, case studies analysis and games would be the integral part of workshop and training designed by Jobs Dynamics.


Types of training

1. Leadership – Leading without a title

Most of the employees working in an organization do not have title. The training helps them to lead their peers and subordinates without having title.

2. Motivation – Understanding self and others

Understanding self and others motivation can lead into great teamwork and performance. Thus the training focuses on understanding motivation from employees’ perspective to achieve excellence at work.

3. Communication – Office communication and collaboration tools and techniques

The workshop deals with understanding the organization chart of the organization and communication flow. The clarity helps employees understand communication channel on who is to be communicated on what.

4. Team building – Learning from birds and insects

Through activities and examples employees will understand team dynamics and learn to work in a team.

5. Dealing with difficult customers – achieving service excellence

Despite trying hard there are always some customers who are difficult to deal with. The workshop points out techniques and best practices while dealing with difficult customers.

6. Resource Mobilization – Monitoring and Evaluation

Organization constantly deals with resources (human, technical, financial etc.). These resources should be appropriately monitored and evaluated. Thus the workshop focuses on developing departmental indicators to monitor resources and later analyze it for evaluation purpose. These are done through tools and techniques, which will be jointly developed by the trainers and participants.

7. Business desk excellence training  

a. Business Etiquette

i. Dress up

ii. Office behavior

iii. Office politics 

b. Dining etiquette

i. While having business lunch or dinner

c. Email etiquette

i. Approaching clients

8. Excel training


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