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Jobs Dynamics offers various business process outsourcing services to avoid complexities, reduce burden and thus save time and cost. JD has been helping various financial institutions and corporate giants with the employee outsourcing, examination outsourcing, and payroll management outsourcing.

Why outsource?

1. Expertise: Jobs Dynamics team is made of HR practitioners who have been delivering HR functions service. They are also academicians who have the updated knowledge on evolving HR trends and practices, as well as have a thorough analytical mind-set on HR processes' dynamism. We have our own HR expertise, with compliance to the nation's Labor Law – so you need not worry on the frequent compliance issues.

2. Focus on your core business: Outsourcing your secondary activities to us can help you focus on your core process. Let Jobs Dynamics handle the rest of your meticulous tasks while you focus on strengthening your core business process.

3. Cost Effective: For a long term service, outsourcing to Jobs Dynamics will help you eliminate the cost to hire, train, and develop a pool of employees. Trust us with your business process outsourcing, and watch as your operational costs get minimized.

4. Risk Alleviation: Outsourcing certain components of your business process helps your organization to shift certain responsibilities to Jobs Dynamics. Since we are the HR specialist, we plan your risk-mitigating factors better.

Our current outsourcing projects

Our current employee outsourcing projects ranges from Network Operating Center Engineers and Data verification executives to Retail Executives, and to Support staffs and Messengers. Jobs Dynamics has been providing employee outsourcing function to Nepal's leading telecommunication operator, reputed commercial banks and Merchant Capitals.

Call us on 01-4432458 or email info@jobsdynamics.com for discussing about various business process outsourcing prospects NOW!