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All human resource activities strive to make the organization a better place to work and to make it better at achieving its stated ends. However, there is a specialty within human resources called organizational development that seeks to improve group dynamics, organizational structure, and organizational culture. Organizational development (OD) is the practice of creating and changing an organization’s culture so that people are better able to achieve the organization’s mission.


Core HR Consulting works include:

  1. Human Resources Planning
    1. Job Analysis
    2. Setting Performance Indicators (KRA & KPI)
    3. Organization structuring and restructuring
    4. Succession Planning
    5. HR Demand & Supply Gap Analysis
    6. Recruitment and Selection Plan/Policy/Guidelines
  2. Human Resources Development
    1. Training & Development Plan/Policy/Guidelines
    2. Skills Gap Analysis
    3. Salary Survey
    4. Compensation & Benefits Package Development
    5. Performance Evaluation System Development
    6. Retreat Activities
  3. Human Resource Policy Drafting and Implementation
  4. Human Resource Manual and SOPs
  5. Human Resource Audit


Other organization development (OD) interventions include:

  1. Vision & Mission Development
  2. Strategic planning and work culture
  3. Management Diagnosis
  4. Business process innovations
  5. Program/Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Business Research


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