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Career Guide | Building your Personal Brand

Career Guidance | Branding Yourself from Jobs Dynamics

1. Branding yourself for Successful Career

2. The Question is what do you stand for?

3. Why BRAND?

  • Branding yourself isn’t entirely about who you are as an individual
  • How valuable you are to others?
  • People buy YOU not your product or service

4. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Take inventory
  • What message you convey?
  • How do you convey?
  • What are the three things you want people to think about you when you walk away? 

5. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Figure out your USP
  • You represent unique set of values and beliefs
  • Ask your family members and friends

6. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Back up your USP with evidence
  • Showcase your brand with actions

7. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Associate with strong brand
  • Leverage strong brands that can leverage your personal brand
  • You will be infected when you are surrounded with passionate people

8. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Build on what you are known for
  • You have a amazing sense of humor
  • You post and share witty information

9. Creating your Personal Brand

  • Find the right channel
  • Build your V-Card
  • Because you are a brand

10. Disrupting Yourself

  • “If you double your investment in learning you will triple your earning”.
  • Update yourself.
  • Learn a great book or an article.
  • Share the learning, more you share more you learn.

11. Turbulent Times Build Great Brands

  • Every problem is an opportunity for growth
  • Stress is a natural way for body to get you ready to face problems
  • It is this pressure when the energy is released the highest