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Branding yourself for successful career at SOMTU

Branding yourself for successful career at SOMTU
2018-03-18 11:27:14 Comments (0)

Bijana Pantha, Jobs Dynamics

Jobs Dynamics team conducted “Branding Yourself for Successful Career” for MBA students of School of Management, Tribhuvan University (SOMTU). The one and half hour of productive discussion session concluded with the following ten points:

1. Management is all about managing with limited resources. Everything will seem to go against you – there's always short time, resources are always unavailable when required the most, and you might not receive the kind of support you expect from them. But, management is about managing in such adversaries with limited resources, with limited authority, and in a limited time frame.

2. Communication skills is grossly understood for standing up and speaking. The most under-looked side of communication, and interestingly the most important one is to listen and understand others. Even though we listen, we tend to listen with the intention to reply than to understand. Trying to understand others and also making sure that you are able to explain yourself is a crucial point in communication.

3. The 5A: Aware, Accept, Action, Analyze, and Anticipate: Being aware of the environment surrounding you, and also being aware of oneself is the foremost step towards taking any actions. The actions we do are preceded by first being aware and accepting those facts that we are aware of. After that take any action based on acceptance, those actions should be analyzed and also be anticipated to know the effect.

4. Management subjects are not only applicable in organization but also are applicable in personal life. Most organizational strategies can be scaled down to replicate in personal life.

5. Students opting for major in Finance should practice personal financing. These personal financing can be done through mobile applications to track ones' income and expenses. Even though it might take time to prune down unnecessary expense, it will create awareness pertaining to the finances.

6. Alike corporate branding, individuals can brand themselves. What they are known for determines their personal brand. Students can mostly use social media, resume, cover letters as their personal branding tool.

7. Since organization is the collection of human beings, the ability to empathize and understand peoples' perspectives is a crucial skill.

8. Do not follow the trend. As an MBA student you should always have the courage to create a career for yourself. When there is a lot of competition that is where you can see more opportunities and differentiate yourself.

9. Drop down the MBA attitude, and do not hesitate to perform tedious operational tasks. These tasks will help you understand the core operations of the business, and therefore excel in your career.

10. Just because you majored in one subject doesn't mean you are expert in it. MBA is a general course and it will not make anyone specialist. Being a specialist comes with a vast and rich experience in a specific sector.

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