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Top HR Commandments - Elevate with HR

Top HR Commandments - Elevate with HR
2018-03-13 07:38:47 Comments (0)

Bijana Pantha, Jobs Dynamics

Jobs Dynamics recently conducted a workshop entitled "Elevate with HR – Corporate Edition" on March 11, 2018. Here are the top HR commandments, as generated from the discussion during the workshop:

1. Most of the operational functions within HR can be digitized. The essence of time is to focus more on strategic human resources management.
2. A common presumption in HR is that their job is to hire and to fire. Furthermore, challenge exists in both these fronts, in case of Nepal. However, HR personnel should be able to see things beyond the surficial problem.
3. Job description should be updated in frequent interval; and should also be directly linked with the performance evaluation.
4. A crucial key to understanding the "right person at the right job" conundrum could be to identify and match the value system of the organization and the candidate/individual.
5. Understanding the classic case of downfall of Nokia, an HR professional should constantly assess and update the rule of the game, else the upcoming generation will take over.
6. Working in a team definitely requires complementary skills. It’s a team – no matter how much greatest player you have in a team; you’re not going to win always.
7. While workforce diversity has its positive implications, it can impose a big challenge on HR professional. These challenges can be imposed through social inclusion, reservation and quotas, and gender/cultural diversity balance.
8. Our actions – what we do – primarily revolves around fear and desire. It is either due to fear or due to the desire (of something) that one performs any task.
9. A deliberate pause in required to overcome the state of "Emotional Hijacking", or else we tend to take actions on basis of signals sent by Lizard brain. The deliberate pause helps us take actions from the Higher brain, which is more logical and rational in nature.
10. Expose your best people to the biggest opportunity rather than exposing them in challenges. Believe in developing your people.
11. The determination of 3Cs – career (what we do), community (who we do what we do for), and cause (why do we do what we do) – helps us identify the self-motivational factors and understand the deeper meaning of our works.
12. One critical key to grievance handling can be documentation. Documentation is a must, be it achievements, pains, gains, experiences, or failures. The concept of knowledge management holds the key to the organizational knowledge in handling similar grievance cases.

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